The Book

CHALLENGED BY LIFE’S PROUD WAVES, may “the seeds of self-destruction or SUCCESS” serve as common ground through which all people collectively walk together to challenge, inspire, and nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

Born into the world, beyond his control, spoon feed Charles the ingredients of life, cooking up an explosive recipe for self-destruction or success!

“Out of the dark reaches of that closet, who could have imagined a life full of successes and a sense of feeling settled? It seemed so far away then. So impossible.”

“While an environment dominated by peace, warmth and light nurtures growth, there’s something to be said for the chaos and darkness that dominated the first thirteen years of my life.”

“Here’s the big question to consider – How do you rise above a chronic and potentially debilitating condition?”

“New-Found Friends” walking life’s journey “Who are your trusted ANGELs?”